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Per Call:  On-site per-call service to troubleshoot and repair any issue you may have with your PC, laptop, server or network, wireless or wired.

Phone Support: Diagnosis and troubleshooting remotely.  This option is available in a quarterly maintenance agreement for business and personal clients.  It can also be utilized as a support call at a reduced price from the on-site per call service listed above.

On-Site Maintenance:  Quarterly maintenance covering ALL on-site maintenance labor as well as phone support and remote connected assistance for personal and business clients.  This option covers you against ALL unforeseen computer related issues for labor, remote or on-site. 

Remote Support:  Being able to troubleshoot and repair your system(s) with a remote connection to your PC, laptop or server will save you time and money. 

Quarterly Tune-up:  Service for your PC or laptop every quarter to insure all updates are being applied and your system is running optimally.  We check event logs to identify issues before they become a problem and eliminate needless startup processes and programs that may be slowing your system down.  This service is billed annually.  We contact you quarterly to schedule a remote connection to perform the necessary maintenance.

Web Sites:  We build sites from scratch or modify existing sites per clients needs.  Domain registration and email setup/hosting are also services we offer.  Sites and email hosting are invoiced on an annual basis.

Security:  We install, configure and test wireless and wired security cameras.

Tutoring:  One-on-One instruction on usage of applications, PC/laptop, smart pads and phones.

Patent or Trademark:  Why pay $300 / $400 or more per hour on a patent attorney? Our patent specialists are experts in their fields!  We have a proven track record winning patents and trademarks without any fancy lawyer being involved at all!  Ask for a list of patents and trademarks we've won.  Check our references (available on request). We are demonstrated to do just as good a job as many registered patent or trademark attorneys. But we are much more economical.  If you insist on a patent attorney, we have access to those too, or you can use your own, but only for a few hours... Not dozens of hours... After we expertly finish your final draft (saving you thousands of dollars). Our references will tell you, they saved 50%, 60% or more! Our specialties are: electronic arts; electrical arts; computer arts; computer hardware and software; security systems; medical instrumentation; automotive; business process; etc.  Contact us for additional details... Including details of patents and trademarks we have already won for satisfied customers!



- Windows Update
- Avast Anti-Virus
- AVG Anti-Virus
- Adobe Reader
- Adobe Flash
- Java
- Windows Defender
- MS Security Essentials




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